Composing Connected

The process of composing the pieces always starts with an improvisation. I’ve grown accustomed to letting the recording machine run along whenever I feel like expressing something on the piano. Listening back to the recordings, some I find ‘nice’, and some are somehow special, sometimes being the direct expression of something I feel strongly. These pieces I work out into their final form to be recorded.

Some of them I experienced to be so clear in their original ‘state’ that I decided to record them exactly like that. So I sat down with the recording, wrote every note down, and studied them. I consider them a gift from who knows where, it feels as if they were hanging in the air, and I received them gratefully. Literally written-out originals are: Open Up, Dream, Connected & Awake.

In the playlist below you can listen to the original home-recordings of most compositions on the album. Enjoy!

  1. Start - Original ( formerly 'Good Morning' ) Stef Vink 2:27
  2. River - Original ( formerly 'Force' ) Stef Vink 6:29
  3. Playing ii - Original 1:42
  4. Open Up - Original Stef Vink 3:43
  5. It - Original Stef Vink 8:15
  6. Dream - Original ( formerly 'A Different World' ) Stef Vink 4:40
  7. Connected - Original Stef Vink 4:57
  8. Butterfly - Original Stef Vink 3:27
  9. Awake - Original ( formerly 'Early Morning' ) Stef Vink 5:23


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